here's why


Seva, pronounced SAY-va, arises from the Karma branch of yoga.

It means selfless service, and it means giving from the heart. 

* * *

Here's my WHY for starting this social enterprise called Writing for Seva:

Seva is an area that I have long neglected, despite practicing yoga for more than 20 years.

I'm starting it because communicating, especially through writing and speaking, is my gift in this world, and I'd like to share it for good.

Because in ancient India, seva was thought to help an individual's spiritual growth, and it was thought to contribute to the improvement of a community.

Because I am part of a community of writers who also yearn to exercise their skills to help inspiring organizations continue their important work in the world.

And because I need to believe that there is room in the market that enables a fair wage for honest, earnest efforts of communication. 

That's Writing For Seva.